Sales in France

Sales in France can be brutal. Killer, even.
I feel like sales must be as ridiculous in any big city, but this is craziness. And yet…Bring it.



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10 responses to “Sales in France

  1. It’s not the same everywhere in France, where I live it’s like that all year 😀

  2. Have you actually tried underwear in the shop ?? I dare you to try. lol
    Do you know why no one tries in the store ?? Because if you put you stuff down for a second, someone is going to try and take it from you. They’d probably tear it from you thinking that you weren’t going to buy it anyway.
    It s a jungle out there.

    I do have a good tip though : do the openings in the morning (schedule a “private” meeting outside work …). I did it in les 4 temps and there was almost no one at 8:30 AM. It was awesome !!!
    Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  3. C’est officiel, je suis DÉFINITIVEMENT fan de vos vidéos et de votre humour. J’adore! Bravo!

  4. It’s the same way in Spain. Sales twice a year. Clothes all over the place, people baiting each other, unbelievably long lines. Sometimes it can even get down to Spanish dueling– but instead of gentlemen dueling it’s mainly wild women! So far i haven’t had to pull my sword out. Stay strong!! 😉

  5. Confession of a (nutty) shoppaholic. De Paris. C’est la vie.

  6. Naahh no way i am a fan of this blog and these videos, are you people nuts… I am officially a Groupie of whatever this individual does… If she Crap on top of the Effeil Tower i will aplaud!!!!

    in all seriousness you’re the next Rcahel Maddow yeah yeah the one on MSNBC and no i am not assuming anything about your orientation 😉 your fondness or not the sport of softball LOL

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