Paris Paris n°6 – Moved In !!!!!!!

Unfortunately today is the day of bad surprises… there is no video 😦

Check back tomorrow though… not for any particular reason… but .. you know … we’ll see

The truth is the week’s been spent moving and unpacking and sorting and cleaning and everything that goes into it like I’m sure many people have lived through but that was truly a first for me (as well as starting the 2nd week of my new job!). Yeah I’ve moved a ton of times before, but I never had more than a couple of suitcases at most. This was the big Kahuna of moves. And well worth it !!

I found out that truly… and I mean truly truly truly

friends help friends find nice apartments

As glamorous as it was to spend hours sifting through announces on,, and and, it was the “friend” card via Facebook that finally did the trick. A message on a Facebook wall and BAM I was in love with this apartment. Then again… how could you NOT be ?? 😀

PS If you’re wondering, the photo was taken by Lâm – who I still have to meet but apparently is coming for dinner this week, so leave all of your compliments down below ;D

If you’re looking for an apartment, don’t forget those friendly social networks, because maybe even a friend of a friend of an ex-girlfriend’s old roommate that now lives in Sweden knows a guy that knows a girl who thinks her aunt is renting her apartment.

It could happen.

Ozanam moving association

In moving all of your stuff, it’s true that there comes the moment when you think, “oh holy mother of sassafrass, how am I going to get from A to B and all of my socks with me?”

Enter: Ozanam Services, an association recommended by My Little Paris.

It’s an association of reintegration for job seekers that provides employment as professional movers. You handle your boxes and rent a truck, and they’ll move everything for you.

The result

Fairly cheap, although it turns out there are other movers that will literally box everything up for you AND UNPACK IT???

Personally I enjoyed unwrapping stuff.

It’s like Christmas in July.

And it’s already yours…

But it was cool to hire people that really want to find work and need opportunities. I won’t enter into a long conversation about it, but I’ve always wondered how you can just switch from being in a cell and not having the liberty to go to the bathroom, to suddenly doing whatever you want…. it’s a reality that shakes my world (thank you Shawkshank Redemption) and I hope organizations like this are the right answer, providing opportunities for maybe some people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to find a job.

living in Paris 11th

Now just settling into the new neighborhood… it looks like you really can’t go wrong in the 11th, though.

Every single corner has bars, restaurants, crazy cool graffiti, the Père Lachaise right next door — which, did you know you’re apparently not allowed to run in there? pffff…it’s not like they’re going to wake up.. anyways — and it’s SO CLOSE TO EVERYTHING.

and now I hope you’re all getting ready for summer

I’ll have a few more videos (promise promise promise) before I take a break in August. And I hope you take a break too and just enjoy the summer sun… get out…see friends and family…

…and enjoy the small things in life.

Like having a whole separate room just for your washing machine. I know it’s normal in the U.S., but here…

it just seems surreal.

And a little bit like I should be saving kittens and puppies before I’m struck down by thunder for not being grateful enough.

happy Monday 😉


19 responses to “Paris Paris n°6 – Moved In !!!!!!!

  1. the woodfloor is wonderful…careful rocking chair do attract ghosts

  2. Clutches ?
    Do you plan to be clumsy, i mean more than usual, in the coming weeks, or maybe you didn’t yet notice that wonderful woodfloor can become a weapon of mass dislocation once you try to slide it in you socks, which i expect to be striped and colorful by the way, or even even even but that would really reaaaaallly be capilotracté, you already had to use them.
    Or maybe it’s the scooter you bought because you’re a scooter wanabee and you didn’t told anyone you got one recently and it’s gonna be the video of tomorrow, and so with this new scooter you already managed to fall and broke your ankle :/
    Well. Nice flat though, congrats, and good luck cleaning after the housewarming party :]

  3. “It could happen.” 🙂 have a nice week end !

  4. Sweet crib! Why number 6? Also, what do ya have on vinyl?

    • Because it’s been awhile since I wrote about it, but I started out last year writing about my Paris adventures from time to time 🙂 And — this and that. Random French music

  5. Lovely wooden floor ! Very nice. By the way – the french always have a party with their friends when they move in – it’s called “pendre la crémaillère” ! Here’s why :

    Take care and come back soon with one of your crazy broadcasts ! I love them… they make my day !

  6. Oh… and by the way… a little local present for your culture… since now you live just next to it :

  7. I love your blog! And the 11th, sooo great (and fabulous for your washing machine too, excellent). Tonight I will be eating at a cheap, tasty restaurant in the 11th (Paris Hanoi, M˚Philippe Auguste). I also got in trouble for running in Père Lachaise (even though people aren’t supposed to drink or eat there either and I totally saw some bums kicking back a few beers on my illegal run).

  8. What happened to your blog, Michelle? Long time no post! Hope everything is fine and you are just having too much fun to find time for blogging.

  9. Pere la Chaise is so awesome though, even if you must walk. Coming from the US, I had never seen a cemetery anything like that before. It was one of the neatest things I saw in Paris. Next time I might try the Catacombs… I hear that is an interesting experience (if a bit morbid).


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