My Secret Guilty Pleasure

I’m convinced that it’s the small things in life that make all the difference, and you have to find the little things that make your days, well, awesome.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Spill it.

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25 responses to “My Secret Guilty Pleasure

  1. Seems you’re now in contention for mak’n me smile . . . smiles are good. Trick is finding something that makes you smile every day!
    Music. Definitely.
    A full nites sleep? AWESOME.
    Coffee & Tea ‘n those’ll do for me (for now).

  2. I live in the South-West, in Périgord since last september And there, from november to february, it’s quite easy to find some not-so-expansive foie-gras. My little guilty pleasure have been to eat a slice of half-cooked foie-gras on a slice of fig bread with a glass of soft Montlouis wine before going to sleep.

    A gready little pleasure
    (my share-time)

  3. Well… listening to this american girl’s funny comments on the french way-of-life, actually…

  4. Wow! Is that a window on the left !!!! That would be my happy place … a laundry room and a window — in Paris. Happy! It would be miracle if the toilet room had a window, too. A permanent place for my yoga mat? Happy. Happy, Happy.

  5. This is a short time that I follow your blog and my little guilty pleasure, it’s geeking with my laptop on my stomach, lying on my couch. A bit like an otter (like this).
    Good music, a cup of hot chocolat, maybe a good book to read after, and life is beautiful 😀

  6. The Boulangiste

    I love the background picture 🙂 Is it Lam Hua’s picture ?

  7. You gave me my little pleasure of the day… First time on your blog. Enjoyed your beautiful smile and your energy ! Thx
    I’ll look at the french version right now..

  8. Turn on my Ipod (in shuffle mode) when i go at work and hear a song i love that i didn’t heard for a while !!!
    First time on your blog ! So funny and true about “la vie à la française”
    “Learn French In One Word” is my favourite 😉
    Great Job !

  9. how did you find :D??? 😉

  10. Hi Michelle!
    I see so many comments of people saying “you’re not american”. So, can you explain us your roots? You really don’t seem american, you seem polish or portuguese I guess 😛 Your accent is different too. So, are you 100% american? Where does the name Chmielewski come from?

    Please tell me I’m curious to know that!! 😉

    • my grandparents were Polish, but my dad and my mom both grew up in the US, just like me, my brother, and sister 🙂 so…100% American (at least according to my birth certificate 😉 )

  11. I also have my laundry room as my happy place. It is so very good to see that I am not the only one.

  12. My guilty pleasure? The Cinema. Especially movies aimed at the teen market that my husband refuses to see. Of course, so that this guilty pleasure is not revealed to all, it is best to select a cinema in a high tourist traffic area. Like the Champs Elysees… late at night. Speaking loudly in English, preferably in an accent other than your own, helps to distract from the reality that you live here. And yes, Glee in 3D was everything I’d hoped it would be!

  13. Indeed. Even classy enough I won’t have to go incognito.

  14. Mon petit plaisir c’est de parler toute seule dans la rue … en français . Comme j’habite à Londres, personne ne comprend. Je passe pour une folle – mais s’ils comprenaient, je passerais doublement pour une folle. Tu comprends ?
    Oh by the way I love your videos. The first I watched was “learn French in one word” : putain! it’s my favorite word, how did you guess ????????

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