An ode to geeks around the world

I have no idea where this came from but I felt a need to express my unrealized dream of becoming Neo. Thank you, dear Wachowski brothers.
You have made my geekness come true.

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And happy Monday 😉


13 responses to “An ode to geeks around the world

  1. This bit made me laugh: “Not have to pass stupid interviews … What would you do if somebody killed you in the store where you are working?” I’m currently job hunting, and I’ve just come back from the most ridiculous interview. It started off with a paper-based test:

    Question 1:
    Which is the last month of the year?
    a) January b) December c) March d) February

    Question 2:
    Mary is taller than John. Bill is shorter than John. Does that mean Mary is taller than Bill? true / false

    … and it just went on like that. I wish I was making this up.

    Nice video.

  2. Heh …

    As tongue-in-cheek as this is, real computer skills will either become a much-sought-after expertise (in which case, your kid will have companies coming to him/her offering jobs [provided they are skilled]) or they will become one more set of “essential skills” that everyone has a smattering of.

    Either way, early computer education is the way to go!

    Also, kids ARE more creative. You’re right, they’ll think of things we never did.

    Take care!

  3. Coucou Michelle!
    Pas bête hein! Moi c’est vers 30 ans que j’ai commencé à vouloir créer quelque chose. C’est pas trop tard mais bon… c’est tard. Je dis pas que je suis vieille hein 🙂
    Non sans rire, J’ai un fils qui a 3 ans et une ptite fille qui en a 1 et demi. Quelle est mon age ?…. (question d’interview foireuse…:) )
    Vu que je suis developeur, et que mon copain (mari) aussi, maintenant le soir en rentrant je filerai mon portable à mon fils pour qu’il essaie de continuer mon travail. Les enfants apprennent vite. Les premiers mois, je rollbackerai tout ce qu’il fera mais je suis sûre que d’ici quelques mois, il sera productif….
    Et puis fini les vidéos mickey et Donald. Quand je vois la mémoire qu’il a, je me dis qu’il faut que je la mette à profit. Je vais lui passer des vidéos de hack sur fb, ou sur des langages de programmation. Je suis sûre qu’il finira par les comprendre. Non mais sans rire, c’est de l’or à l’etat brut les enfants 🙂
    Cheers! 😀

  4. You fucking rock. Though, if I had kids I’d have them reading Machiavelli, “the 48 laws of power” and “the game” as soon as possible. Hacker skills go so far… Just look at Sean Parker. He is not just a hacker, but he’s also a playboy/billionaire/philanthropist . He is where he is not just because of his hacking skills but also because he learned how to power play.

  5. Clearly, if you wanted lots of million hit virals, you’d make teaching-cats-to-hack videos … but I won’t hold my breath. 😉

  6. Just as cool as usual. 🙂

    One note though: am afraid they already are many young kids making iPads. For $2 an hour, in China… Hence the lack of videos about it.

    Anyway, keep going. Tu déchires. 🙂

  7. come back to the internet. THE INTERNET MISSES YOU!

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