From Seesmic to Uber Paris

It seems like ages since I’ve written on this blog, and it seems almost like I don’t know quite where to start, so I guess I’ll pick up sort of where I left off..

Last fall, I had just started working with Seesmic. I had left Synthesio, a company that taught me a lot and is continuing to grow, and had joined up with Cedric Giorgi and Loic le Meur. Last October, I had the opportunity to work on one of largest tech events in the world – LeWeb – and jumped at the opportunity – who wouldn’t??

With both Seesmic and LeWeb, I have worked with incredible people. I have met incredible people. And I even started a new side project last September with a couple of friends – La MichAuré. I was in Elle with La MichAuré and even in the last Google Chrome commercial!

I would still say the last couple of months have been some of the most challenging of my life, both personally and professionally, but, like always, a trip home offered me some clarity. And hey – challenges are what make you grow and learn faster – life would suck without them

Living in Paris has at times been frustrating – what expat wouldn’t say that? But I love it here. I love riding my little blue scooter around, and walking to the bakery to get fresh bread, and dinners that can last 3 hours, and the growing tech scene, and especially my friends who have become my family. I’m not saying I can see myself living here my entire life, but for the next few years, I’m home.

Having had the opportunity to work on LeWeb for 3 months, I realized what I really want, and what I love doing. When Cédric announced he was leaving to start his own company, I thought it would be the right time for me to find a new project, as well. I know, for example, that I love working with startups. There’s a freedom there that I don’t think many (if any) large companies can offer – – the wiggle room to work your butt off and grow something like you can’t the same way with a well-established business.

Starting today, I’ll be starting with Communications with Uber, that just launched in Paris at LeWeb last December. If you haven’t heard of them – you should. If you follow my blog, you may have seen a video that I actually posted a few months ago here, about how to get rich in Paris (I really need to subtitle it in English…and PS the comments are PRICELESS for any of you that know that the first time I ever set foot in France I was 18) – easy : just drive around Paris on weekends and weeknights with a sign in your window that you’ll take someone anywhere for $50 and you’re bound to make a killing. Uber is definitely the uber..classy version of that… if you live in Paris or any big city, you probably know how difficult it can be to get a ride home after a night out – – no metro, no buses, and guess what you probably don’t have your own car, either.

Uber is your own private chauffeur that works with friendly, intelligent drivers that will come get you after you just hit the button in the app. You’ll see where they are on the map, and they’ll call you when they’re downstairs. Uber already has your credit card number when you create your account, so even if you just want to order a ride for a friend, it’s already taken care of – – and no stopping in the middle of the ride to pull cash out of an ATM.
You’ll be able to find me on @Uber_Paris,, and at tons of events soon. Also- – we’re looking for an Operations Manager and a General Manager. If you’re interested or know of anyone that would be interested, let me know so I can put you in touch 😉
OH! Also – My Little Paris offered a promo code that still works for 10€ off your first ride with Uber (so inside of Paris a ride should be between 5 and 10€ for your first ride) – – download Uber on iPhone or on Android and use the code “mylittleuber”

Ah – – and one last thing – – you may be wondering about videos? (Maybe not) I want to get back into making videos for SURE. I love it, and love hearing from everyone that visits here, and/or leaves comments on my YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, so stick around. I even (immensely) enjoy the comments people leave on YouTube about whether I’m really American or French (I’ve cleared it up but here, for now, I’ll just let you decide):

I’m going to get back into blogging here on a more regular basis about life in Paris, kickass videos, and a few other ideas I’ve had…

In the meantime, I’m over at La MichAuré with Ludo and Auré kickin’ it..

Have a great week, and hope to catch you soon, here or elsewhere

28 responses to “From Seesmic to Uber Paris

  1. SO pumped to have you join the team Michelle!

  2. Mich you’re kicking asses and you’re gonna kick some MORE!!
    Good luck for the next big shows 😉

  3. Welcome onboard!
    We are really pleased you joined the team. :o)

  4. Congrats Michelle! Fantastic news. Joining Uber is such a great move! It’s been a pleasure meeting you at Le Web and thank you for fab interview at Le Web Studio ! but more importantly on running so amazingly with Cedric the social track enterprise ! All the best, and see you soon ! @delphinerb

  5. Hi Mich, I just love your videos and La Michauré is really making my day every time you post a new strip. Congrats for all your imagination and please keep up the good work !
    As for your comment on your “real” nationality – I know exactly how you are starting to feel. I’m a canadian (english speaking, that is) and have lived in a french speaking country for quite a time now. And my french is by now better than my rusted english.
    I discovered recently that in the eyes of people that do not know me, it’s now become uncertain that I really be an native english speaking person. “Come on, you’ve got a very slight french side when you speak english” was I recently told. My Mum must shiver…
    I just wanted to stress that this has no importance whatsoever. The more languages you speak, the better it is – the better you can live and work – the more open-minded you become. So start on spanish or russian next time !
    Take care – that 2012 bring you (and Aurélie, and the team) all the best !

    • Thanks Andy – – and no worries, I was talking with a friend yesterday that it’s normal, actually, your mouth changes when you speak a different language for a long time because of the muscles..there may be a video to do about this ;D

  6. Félicitations Michelle ! Et très bon début d’année 2012 ;))

  7. Uber is a great company, congrats Michelle and thanks for everything you’ve done to help both Seesmic and LeWeb.

  8. Congratulations! Uber sounds fantastic! I’ll keep an eye out for when they expand to Georgia or Texas. Love your videos!

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  11. Let me know when you can send a Terrafugia to pick me up 🙂

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  15. Hey Michelle. Congrats on Uber. That is awesome. I was recently in SF and I have to say the service came in extremely handy. Let me know if the company will be needing any more French/American blood to help out.

    Also love this blog post. As someone in the same situation as you I find it funny that people question you are American but it’s actually kind of flattering I guess. You seem to be doing great so happy new year and good luck with your new job…

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  18. The girl who ran into you at the airport says: YES!!!! To more videos!!!

  19. So, what about getting back into making videos ? :p I guess working at Uber is much more demanding that you expected ! Seem like a good thing, hope you’re enjoying it there and I REALLY hope to watch a new video from The Observing Participant soon !

  20. Haha thank you for the putain video, couldn’t agree more plust i love that you love hedgies… i used to have one miss that lil’ guy!

  21. Try Uber… It’s an Awesome Service

    Get $10 off UBER on your next ride


    or use PROMO CODE ubernew10off

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