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Ycare is awesome!!

I hope everyone has had a good week and is ready to enjoy the sunshine this weekend (or whatever there is of sunshine near you)

I have to admit, I had an idea all planned out and then…came Thursday night. And nothing. Nada. Except a simple wish to disconnect for the weekend and tell everyone to do the same. Grab a mojito and head to a park, or a beach, or anywhere where there’s fresh air and not a screen between you and someone else.

And then…I got a personal message  from Ycare

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Musicalité — Juliette Katz and an “appart’ tour” in Paris

Yesterday I got to discover one of the coolest music scenes (in my opinion) going on — you can hire an artist to come give a private show in your apartment, office, studio, wherever.

The music label, it appears, is in charge of picking where exactly the artist will go, but yesterday Juliette Katz and her crew gave a private show at Wizee, in the center of Paris.

I think you’ll see why I had to post this on my blog… 😉 (they’re all amazing)


Wednesday music break : Smokey Robinson reaggae remix

Thank you Christian Menez for the link yesterday 🙂

I love the mix of old classic meets this loovely loovely reggae beat, perfect for a Wednesday and ready for the weekend… 😉

Happy Wednesday everyone

Smokey Robinson “The tracks of my tears” – reaggae remix by BOST & BIM

Wednesday music break : Armistice

A group that I discovered just recently thanks to a mini-concert here in Paris (and if you don’t know the girl, check out Coeur de Pirate, she’s amaazing), so I was thrilled to see this new group that she’s formed with her – boyfriend? 🙂 and have loved discovering their entire album because I don’t think there’s a song I don’t like..

That said, I wanted to put this clip because even though I was next to the person filming it I like it better than the one I filmed! 😀 So…happy listening 🙂

And happy Wednesday

Armistice – Mission Bell

Armistice – Mission Bell from Gregory pouy on Vimeo.