Sales in France

Sales in France can be brutal. Killer, even.
I feel like sales must be as ridiculous in any big city, but this is craziness. And yet…Bring it.



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Did Conan O’Brien just slam Final Cut Pro X?

OK, I need your opinions on this. I’m a huge fan of Final Cut and after hearing that Final Cut Pro X is cheaper than Final Cut Pro ($299.99) AND you the rendering is done in real time (i.e. no more “I think I’ll go take an hour bath while this thing renders), I saw this via Matthieu

I’m crying inside and hope it’s just LIES, silly LIES


have you tested it yet?? — Eat your way through Paris! Or any city!

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog Springwise Trendwatching, do that first. Next, discover Spoontrip, one of their latest recommendations :

Spoontrip supplies travelers with local links worldwide, using gastronomy as an entry point into a culture. Offers are added and managed on the site by the providers themselves. These passionate professionals are proud of their products and eager to provide travelers with a unique experience.

Naturally, I typed Paris and found a TON of really cool suggestions – like a cooking class for making Whoopie Pies!!!

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Scooter wannabes UNITE

If you’ver dreamed of owning a scooter and feeling the wind whipping through your helmet and not dying or ending up in the emergency room (true story), this confession is for you.

I’m still working on the helmet beauty blog thing but in the meantime, you can say hey over on the


Happy Monday 🙂


update : paris has nothing on taipei

update #2 : you can practice on a rocking vespa

Thank you, Freddy, for filling my soul with joy. Other pictures of the rocking wonder are here   

update #3 : heritage helmets

Victor just sent me a link to heritage helmets 🙂 MOVE OVER AUSTIN POWERS







When you’re stuck in the airport with nothing to do…

Social media is your absolute best friend. Seriously, what did people do before Wifi was bountiful — talk with each other?? Oh heavens.

I considered hosting a “Gaga fest” in the waiting area or a limbo contest or both, but unfortunately I left my limbo stick at home and don’t have enough hairspray to make my air nearly as laquered as Gaga’s.

Thankfully, some kickass people sent me things to help me pass the time, and seeing as it will probably be Saturday and you may also have nothing to do, I thought I’d share

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Only in NYC (& Day 1 at the #140Conf ;) )

This week has been great visiting New York City.


Unfortunately, I missed the morning of the #140Conf and some apparent “French-bashing”, but the afternoon was really great! I’m speaking this morning at 9:50 and you can catch the live stream here :

One of my faaavorite was Monte Farber, a psychic that particularly answers questions about stock questions on Twitter in less than 140 characters. As the official #140Conf psychic, he also declared that :

Facebook will last longer than Google.

the end of the world in 2012 is “the creation of crazy white men”

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Speak English (really superly) in 3 Words ;)

OK, so after more than 2 people seemed to enjoy learning French in 1 word, I figured I had to reciprocate for the “other side” 😉

Enjoy. P.S. I apologize in advance for my hair and bad southern accent.

The rest of the Observing Participant videos are over here
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