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Only in NYC (& Day 1 at the #140Conf ;) )

This week has been great visiting New York City.


Unfortunately, I missed the morning of the #140Conf and some apparent “French-bashing”, but the afternoon was really great! I’m speaking this morning at 9:50 and you can catch the live stream here :


One of my faaavorite was Monte Farber, a psychic that particularly answers questions about stock questions on Twitter in less than 140 characters. As the official #140Conf psychic, he also declared that :

Facebook will last longer than Google.

the end of the world in 2012 is “the creation of crazy white men”

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Speak English (really superly) in 3 Words ;)

OK, so after more than 2 people seemed to enjoy learning French in 1 word, I figured I had to reciprocate for the “other side” 😉

Enjoy. P.S. I apologize in advance for my hair and bad southern accent.

The rest of the Observing Participant videos are over here
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World peace, hugs, and the #140Conf in NYC

Sometimes everybody just needs a hug. And no, I promise, I will NOT get all squishy gushy on you although I very well could so WATCH IT

**for first time visitors, I have been known to be mildly schizophrenic. It’s what brings the goodness**

In any case, every since I moved to Paris and realized :

  1. How cold Paris can be sometimes — and I’m not talking about the temperature
  2. How much I miss the physical and yes, spiritual warmth that you get from a hug
I have become convinced that if there were more hugs in the world…it just might be the answer to world peace.