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My Secret Guilty Pleasure

I’m convinced that it’s the small things in life that make all the difference, and you have to find the little things that make your days, well, awesome.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Spill it.

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Awesomeness 🙂


Speak English (really superly) in 3 Words ;)

OK, so after more than 2 people seemed to enjoy learning French in 1 word, I figured I had to reciprocate for the “other side” 😉

Enjoy. P.S. I apologize in advance for my hair and bad southern accent.

The rest of the Observing Participant videos are over here
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Learn French in One Word

Learning French was never so easy

Other newness :

I opened a Facebook page !

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And remember — use it spaaaaringly. You wouldn’t want people to think you’re uneducated or don’t have any words other than this one…unless you really don’t have any words other than this one.


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Kickass. Thank you.


This was just sent to me by Faskil 😀


American “you-can-do-it-ism” vs French debate…ism

Last week an article from Slate caught my eye about cultural differences between Americans and the French that just might explain a few things..

You can do it !

In the U.S. it’s true (admit it!) that we’re raised with a certain American dreamish “you can do it” attitude. Not everyone is raised the same way and there are certainly circumstances in which children are discouraged, but growing up in the U.S. has definitely made me appreciate our spirit that is willing to try. Why else would someone have thought it was a good idea to try and reach the Pacific Coast? Or build a giant highway system just in case of a Cold War. But I digress.. Continue reading

Happy New Year!…. almost


This blog is on vacation until next month 😀

To get ready for the New Year, though, a Vampire Weekend for the Holidays


I would do the lame “see you next year!…” but… I’ll just see you next week

Happy New Year 🙂 — wherever in the world you are

Geek thing of the week : Ringing in 2011 from abroad

Sorry about this I just realized it’s almost the end of Tuesday here in Paris, so I only have a bit of time left for my Tuesday geek post, but I just discovered how I CAN watch the ball drop over Times Square — and no, not by finding the one bar in Paris that will be showing it at 6 am

It’s the New Year’s Eve Earthcam

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A day in the life – le shopping de Noël

Of course shopping in Paris can be a bit harried – there are far too many people in far too little space sometimes. Although I’m often thankful to be so far from a Wal-Mart (and sometimes miss the convenience of just going to one place where I KNOW they’ll have what I’m looking for), I figured out a couple tips for Paris Christmas shopping

Well, and, we all know the major tips are to have fun and try to get together with your family if you can

The other “day in the life” videos are here 😉



After having used “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” as the background music — clearly one of the best Christmas songs ever and therefore unable to be reproduced on my blog — you may have to watch the video on YouTube.

Sorry for the incovenience and thanks for visiting !