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Tuesday cool thing geek – Move over Flip, the Kodak Play Sport isn’t dead yet


Well, back from vacation and into the swing of things. I posted a couple of videos last Friday here in case you didn’t get to see the California wine bus,  the radio station that knows no end, tumbleweeds in Arizona, (SUPER FUN), and suicidal baby ducks. They weren’t really suicidal…but it did look like it..

AND! upon looking back I also wanted to write a note about the Kodak PlaySport I got to test out on my vacation. It was the first time I ever got SENT something “just to test”, and so I wanted to thank them (because what video blogger DOESN’T want to test every camera that moves?) with an objective post of what I liked, what I didn’t and why.

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Tuesday geek thing – Molly from Rocketboom

A couple of weeks ago Vinvin told me to look up Rocketboom. And I did.

And I found a cornucopia of pancakes 😀

Good one Rocketboom.

Thanks for sharing the festive spirit

kissing youtube..again. and again. and again.

I’m not sure if you use this, but I just discovered it recently and it’s 100% replaced the old Firefox downloader tool..especially since I was only using Firefox for that anyways.. go chrome! 😉