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Happy New Year!…. almost


This blog is on vacation until next month 😀

To get ready for the New Year, though, a Vampire Weekend for the Holidays


I would do the lame “see you next year!…” but… I’ll just see you next week

Happy New Year 🙂 — wherever in the world you are


A day in the life – Christmas in Paris !



The rest of the day in the life videos are here. Enjoy 😉

and comments below !

Happy Thanksgiving

Even though I couldn’t be with my family, I had friends that came and helped me celebrate Thanksgiving in Paris

..because who says you can’t find a turkey the size of a small dog (we compared) over here? (a turkontosaurus according to my brother)

And of course the most important is having hungry friends that you’re thankful to be with and have around you 🙂