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You can’t BMX the sh** out of it without getting a couple of bruises. And then you will BMX the sh** out of it

Thanks to Alex (you didn’t leave a backlink ! :/ )  for this video of Dave Thompson BMX-ing. It was initially published as a teaser for a DVD, but I have to say I like that they include the beginning part — bruises, cuts, and all. When I first clicked play I thought it was going to be a wipe-out video, but after discovering what it really is, you have to appreciate the fact that you can’t jump over railings, propel off walls, and jump through doorways (best moment : 4:18) without falling down..many, many, many many many times.


It’s only a matter of time before Redbull sponsors this guy. There. I’ve said it.
Props to Dave Thompson. And the guy filming him 😉


The best parkour ever in your life. Ever.

After seeing this video I’ve decided there’s a part of me that’s missing on my blog, and it’s my absolute flat-out die-hard love for extreme sports and how badly I want to basejump off the Chrystler building and go kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic and organize events for Redbull around the most kickass athletes ever.

In the meantime and until I have the money to do so, a new category for my blog to share this love : the kickass video section.

Today’s video : Eight minutes of pure ***mouth wide open and drooling*** Enjoy 🙂



I got an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..finally :)

OK, so as a community manager and someone online all the time in general, I have to admit it’s been kind of annoying having my old phone (although I am thankful for he that lent it to me until I could get a bank account, which allowed me to get a phone plan, which allowed me to get an iPhone!!)

It’s such a small thing, but
The character on the right?

Yeah, that’s me

I haven’t had time to make a video though because I’ve been too busy hanging out with my parents that just got here, not tagging where I go – STALKERS! :p lol, and saying so long to my old phone

There has been much dancing and joyous celebration.

Ah yes, and asking for your favorite (free practical) apps

**dancing to come**




It’s called kickass.

…does it?