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When you’re stuck in the airport with nothing to do…

Social media is your absolute best friend. Seriously, what did people do before Wifi was bountiful — talk with each other?? Oh heavens.

I considered hosting a “Gaga fest” in the waiting area or a limbo contest or both, but unfortunately I left my limbo stick at home and don’t have enough hairspray to make my air nearly as laquered as Gaga’s.

Thankfully, some kickass people sent me things to help me pass the time, and seeing as it will probably be Saturday and you may also have nothing to do, I thought I’d share

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Speak English (really superly) in 3 Words ;)

OK, so after more than 2 people seemed to enjoy learning French in 1 word, I figured I had to reciprocate for the “other side” 😉

Enjoy. P.S. I apologize in advance for my hair and bad southern accent.

The rest of the Observing Participant videos are over here
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Gucci Gucci Aldi

For some reason I’m intrigued by this video. I didn’t say I like it. I said I am intrigued.

Apparently she’s signed a million dollar contract

I also randomly wanted to share because..it’s 6pm.

A la tienne, dear

Happy Thursday 🙂

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Wine tasting as it should be

For the kickass Chateau that I was talking about, head over to :

Le Chatelet Château
33 330 Saint Emilion

Patrick is who we talked with and ordered mucho mucho wine from 😉

CHEERS! and Happy Monday

PS To say “hell yes” to a possible wine tasting party in Paris the Facebook page is this way ;D

DSK – just one big…big..misunderstanding

I’ve figured out what’s really going on with Dominique Strauss-Kahn and why he hasn’t been able to get the sexual healing. It’s just one big cultural misunderstanding….

Other American in Paris confessions are here 😉

Happy Monday

(and yes! I’ve changed to posting videos on Monday now xx)

Ycare is awesome!!

I hope everyone has had a good week and is ready to enjoy the sunshine this weekend (or whatever there is of sunshine near you)

I have to admit, I had an idea all planned out and then…came Thursday night. And nothing. Nada. Except a simple wish to disconnect for the weekend and tell everyone to do the same. Grab a mojito and head to a park, or a beach, or anywhere where there’s fresh air and not a screen between you and someone else.

And then…I got a personal message  from Ycare

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My movie pitch for the Amex Tribeca film competition : Extreme jump roping

When life gets hard…you get jump roping.

This is my submission for the Amex Tribeca Film “My Movie Pitch” competition. You’re only allowed 60 seconds for your clip, but if I had more time I would have gone into the codes of the sport (right-footed vs goofy-foot jumpers, hand signs, and the code names we have for different jumps) ; and the struggles of being a jump roper that can’t get no appreciation.

Thanks to Nanowar for their creative commons music, and the artistofideas for the suggestion to submit, and Greg for his fabulous filming capabilities (even when I’m continually falling) 😉

This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, but after he sent me the link, I thought, “why not?” 🙂

If you win the Amex Tribeca thing, your idea gets made into an ACTUAL VIDEO. So…..

I’d love any ideas you’d have to make this better (you actually have until May 25th to submit so teeeechnically I think I could re-submit).

In the meantime, you keep on jumpin

The rest of the day in the life videos are here 😉

Have a great weekend!