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How to get rich quick (kind of) in Paris

I’ve discovered the secret :

Gerard Depardieu : “Of course [it overflowed] I’m an elephant”

Quote of the day.

You’re awesome, Gerard.

Now I’m just waiting for the remix of this.

Spoontrip.com — Eat your way through Paris! Or any city!

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog Springwise Trendwatching, do that first. Next, discover Spoontrip, one of their latest recommendations :

Spoontrip supplies travelers with local links worldwide, using gastronomy as an entry point into a culture. Offers are added and managed on the site by the providers themselves. These passionate professionals are proud of their products and eager to provide travelers with a unique experience.

Naturally, I typed Paris and found a TON of really cool suggestions – like a cooking class for making Whoopie Pies!!!

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Wine tasting as it should be

For the kickass Chateau that I was talking about, head over to :

Le Chatelet Château
33 330 Saint Emilion

Patrick is who we talked with and ordered mucho mucho wine from 😉

CHEERS! and Happy Monday

PS To say “hell yes” to a possible wine tasting party in Paris the Facebook page is this way ;D

Learn French in One Word

Learning French was never so easy

Other newness :

I opened a Facebook page !

Keep up with videos over here and have a great week 🙂

And remember — use it spaaaaringly. You wouldn’t want people to think you’re uneducated or don’t have any words other than this one…unless you really don’t have any words other than this one.


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Kickass. Thank you.


This was just sent to me by Faskil 😀


DSK – just one big…big..misunderstanding

I’ve figured out what’s really going on with Dominique Strauss-Kahn and why he hasn’t been able to get the sexual healing. It’s just one big cultural misunderstanding….

Other American in Paris confessions are here 😉

Happy Monday

(and yes! I’ve changed to posting videos on Monday now xx)

From Synthesio to Seesmic

Last sunday marked 1 year exactly that I’ve been in France, and it’s also been more than 2 years that I’ve been with Synthesio monitoring social media.

Working with Synthesio meant my 1st job as community manager, and the first time I truly experienced the “online world” and what it means for businesses and individuals. I spent much of my early time learning everything I could about the web, its workings, and the people there, before starting my own blog and becoming the Observing Participant.

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American “you-can-do-it-ism” vs French debate…ism

Last week an article from Slate caught my eye about cultural differences between Americans and the French that just might explain a few things..

You can do it !

In the U.S. it’s true (admit it!) that we’re raised with a certain American dreamish “you can do it” attitude. Not everyone is raised the same way and there are certainly circumstances in which children are discouraged, but growing up in the U.S. has definitely made me appreciate our spirit that is willing to try. Why else would someone have thought it was a good idea to try and reach the Pacific Coast? Or build a giant highway system just in case of a Cold War. But I digress.. Continue reading

A day in the life – Where are the fire extinguishers in Paris ???

So this is something that’s been bothering me for a little bit and I’m not sure why other than having fire alarms around is something like being told to buckle your seat when you get in the car. When I was little it was just assumed. ….or else the car wouldn’t go…
In elementary school you have fire drills, and you always have to check the fire alarm when you move into an apartment. In Paris, though, old buildings don’t (yet) have fire alarms in all of them and apparently fire extinguishers aren’t required in every building.

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A day in the life – the Superbowl in Paris

I’m baaaaack. And feeling the black and gold.

Should you be living in Paris, some of us have figured out where we can actually watch the match. There are a couple of American bars showing it including the Players, in the 2nd arrondissement. Join a Superbowl in Paris Facebook group that I may have set up just for this Sunday if you want to come with ; rendez-vous is at midnight because, well, it is Sunday night after all…and the métro will be closes if you decide to come later than that.

ALSO ! I can’t believe I completely forgot in the video but of COURSE the whole advertising thing. The budgets spent on Superbowl ads are ridicules.

Feel free to post tour Steelers encouragement below.

Take a glance back at the past “a day in the life videos”

and leave your comments below — which team are you rooting for?


UPDATE – Jersey received !!!!

I. Have. the BEST boyfriend in the world that surprised me with a Steelers’ jersey ! He found the ONLY small Steelers jersey in Paris!