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American “you-can-do-it-ism” vs French debate…ism

Last week an article from Slate caught my eye about cultural differences between Americans and the French that just might explain a few things..

You can do it !

In the U.S. it’s true (admit it!) that we’re raised with a certain American dreamish “you can do it” attitude. Not everyone is raised the same way and there are certainly circumstances in which children are discouraged, but growing up in the U.S. has definitely made me appreciate our spirit that is willing to try. Why else would someone have thought it was a good idea to try and reach the Pacific Coast? Or build a giant highway system just in case of a Cold War. But I digress.. Continue reading


LeWeb! 2400 Participants, 60 countries and how you can win some champagne

LeWeb, for me, is Silicon Valley come to France. It’s hosted by Seesmic’s Loic and Geraldine Le Meur and this year is in the north of Paris.

Check out LeWeb program and if you’re not going in person, no worries – it’s going to be livestreamed on UStream and you can always follow the hashtag #leweb on Twitter, and there’s a huge list of “official bloggers” that will be posting about the event.

Gary Vaynerchuck will be there – host of the infamous WineLibrary TV that boosted his family’s company with his crazy fun videos that showcase his knowledge of wine and his fun spirit and that clearly if you watch just one of his videos will see why I’m a huge fan.

My friend Matthieu Blanco is also going to be there podcasting with Christopher Ramel (aka Kriisiis) at LeWeb for NetVibes and broadcasting videos in almost real time.

I have to admit, I’m not 100% sure what to expect, but I’m pretty excited. See you there 🙂


A colleague has bet me a BOX of champagne if I can meet with Carlos Ghosn.

Luckily, it seems as though there’s an in :

If you or anyone you know can introduce me to Carlos Ghosn…I will share my champagne with you 😀