I’m baaaaaaaack – – and I’ve missed you.

After a bit of time off for vacation, soul-searching, yoga-ing, and a week in Hawaii for my brother’s vacation, it’s back to real life
Which means 800 unread emails
But also back to fun fun fun videos and other projects :

If you’re interested in another project I’ve been working on with some friends, it’s coming soon here, and you can already follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook for when the fun really starts next week 😉

Otherwise I’m on Facebook here

And check back tomorrow for a good idea for anyone that’s ever travelled. If you’re here, that’s probably you.

Happy Monday 🙂

17 responses to “I’m baaaaaaaack – – and I’ve missed you.

  1. I missed you too! I saw in this video that you had a great summer (sunny beaches, …). I hope I’ll visit Hawaii one day, it seems to be a really nice place. I hope you are not going to depress because I would miss your smile and your videos. I can’t wait to see what videos you are going to make and good luck for La MichAuré!

    Greetings from Belgium!

    • Thanks Soufiane! 🙂 Hawaii is gorgeous and you should go if you get the chance! And no worries, Im excited to be back actually (and through my inbox!!) 😉

  2. we missed you too 🙂 you should try the neon-sunthing, it’s great.

  3. Don’t worry, 800 emails, if it takes 10 minutes to read and reply to each, will only take about 130 hours. (At least you had a vacation ): ).

    BTW Compared to the old videos there is something positively French about you now, I mean, your diction and your appearance!

  4. Yes yes … It just struck me the moment you started speaking. On the other hand, maybe it isn’t so and it’s just my silly sub conscience playing tricks with my perception.

  5. Glad to have you back, lady! I was wondering where you went. Thought you got eaten up by a whale or something!

  6. or that you just stayed in your new laundry room and never left!

  7. Just delete all emails. You’ll know which ones were important if people start emailing you again…

  8. Great video, Michelle. I enjoyed it!

  9. Wish we were in Hawaii.

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