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From Synthesio to Seesmic

Last sunday marked 1 year exactly that I’ve been in France, and it’s also been more than 2 years that I’ve been with Synthesio monitoring social media.

Working with Synthesio meant my 1st job as community manager, and the first time I truly experienced the “online world” and what it means for businesses and individuals. I spent much of my early time learning everything I could about the web, its workings, and the people there, before starting my own blog and becoming the Observing Participant.

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three stripes stopmotion

How many pics does it take to get to the center of a stopmotion video? For the latest Adidas Originals collection – 7500 …give or take a few.

I have to admit it was a little – ok really – weird to be invited to participate as a blogger, but really cool to see how they put this whole thing together.

The breakdown :

Adidas’s (kickablog kickass) community manager Brice got together some bloggers, models, artists, breakdancers, rope-skippers, and the like to put on multiple pairs of the new collection to come out with this video highlighted by Beat Assailant‘s What did you do.

Thanks to Guillaume for putting the video on DailyMotion. I was actually surprised to find out that the original version couldn’t really be shared..

The end result?

Something that made me think of Rob Walker’s murketing (i.e. spreading word-of-mouth via people that already love the brand)..but a little more slap-you-in-the-face – Literally.

Could you call it guerrilla marketing? (Only produced for online, and if you go to the Adidas site to watch it you can zoom in on specific shoes)

Video-wise, I definitely have to appreciate the time and effort that went into this. For each 20-30 second clip it took an entire afternoon of shooting, plus all of the backend post editing. On Apple though stopmotion can be fairly easy if you get the iStopMotion video editor specifically for that. And I have to admit that the shoe-changing effect is pretty cool 😀 I’m going to have to try this stopmotion game 😉

Have you? What problems did you have? What did you like best about it?

Oh and – Happy Monday :p

a video tool for globish speakers

One of my favorite things recently that lets you add subtitles that can be translated into different languages automatically by Google Translate. It’s not perfect, but it’s great for now, because ..we don’t all speak English..

FYI You might have to go to YouTube to see the sub-titles until they’re loaded up :p

Any other cool tools you found for videos?


It’s been almost a year and a half now that I’ve been working online, and I have to say, sometimes I just get tired.

Don’t you?

I don’t know what it is, if it’s the constant strain on your eyes to focus on a computer screen, or the fact that it’s so easy NOT to disconnect in the evening that has become troublesome.

Don’t get me wrong – I love being here and talking with everyone and having this as my workspace and playspace. It’s just that for some reason it’s hard to turn off the computer and actually turn it off in my head.

I’ve thought perhaps it’s also because this is my first “real” job that I’ve been having trouble shutting my brain down at night. I leave work physically, but I’m still thinking about things I can do, people I’d like to contact.

And here’s the crazy part – I live in the land of the 35-hour work week!

You’d think I’d be able to give myself some slack and relax..

And I know I do sometimes. Maybe it’s still the perfectionist thing catching up with my butt again. Yeah, no, actually it probably is.

Here’s to the perfectionists in the room :

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bloggers do it better with champagne

Overheard on the street :

Bloggers don’t even get up til 10, they’re too busy..blogging or something..

Wait – WHAT ???

Personally I get up at 7:30 7:45 every weekday morning to get to work on time. And the majority of bloggers I know have steady jobs that also require them to get up and about well before 10am.

I’m not sure why, but this comment struck me.

Do people really not “get” bloggers? Can you, if you don’t blog yourself?

But then, who am I to “defend” bloggers? Maybe some of you do roll out at 10 am..

Darth likes champ

So I decided to compile a list of all of the reasons I’ve seen or heard about for why people blog.

Just to clear things up.

Some of them apply to me ; many do not. Please add your own (whether they apply to you or not 😉 ):

  1. I’m a creative spirit that has to get some thoughts out
  2. I want to bounce ideas around with others
  3. I want to expand my social network, personally or professionally
  4. I want to share my art – writing, photography, video, web design, etc
  5. I want to comment on things that bother me/that I like
  6. I want to challenge stereotypes
  7. Copy-paste is the best invention ever
  8. Hyperlinks are the best. invention. ever.
  9. I love pictures or videos of myself
  10. I want to share my latest finds – online or offline
  11. It helps me keep up my crack addiction
  12. It helps me beat my crack addiction
  13. I was pushed into it (willingly or not) by a friend or colleague
  14. I want to share/develop a certain expertise
  15. I’m already famous and want to connect with the peeps
  16. I’m a fanboy and always will be
  17. I want to share a part of me that I can’t share offline
  18. I have nothing to hide
  19. I live through my online personality
  20. I wanted to better understand others in a given blogging community
  21. I was born to blog, I can’t imagine anything else
  22. Sharing my own thoughts helps me learn
  23. Money, gifts, and backlinks, oh my
  24. I want a record of things I’ve done/seen/visited
  25. I want to be a part of the latest trends
  26. I am the latest trend. duh.

That’s all I’ve got so far

What are your reasons ?

And if you don’t blog, why ?

**sincere tone here, not the “why?! dammit — why don’t you blog?!?!” ;D **

guess what – you’re not that smart

The title of this post comes from one of my favorite blogs that talks about psychological phenomena that are so common yet not mentioned as often as they should be.

The subject for this post though —

who are you trying to fool????

In the land of the Internet, there are certain experts that man you do NOT want to cross. They are the experts in what they do.

you ain't no Van Damme throwin some white powder in my eyes

(for the Jean Claude reference feel free to watch the Bloodsport finale and remember how epic the 80s were. Epic. fast forward to 3:00. Stop watching after 5:00). Ha-mazing. Right – back to the post :

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Les bloggeurs pour les chiens guides

Pour son cadeau d’anniversaire, William Rejault a demandé à ses amis de faire parler autour d’eux d’une école qui mérite bien de l’attention

Ils étaient tous des bloggeurs, mais quelle bonne idée d’utiliser cette connaissance sur le web pour aider les autres

Alors je vous présente:

Une école de chiens guide pour aveugles et malvoyants de Paris qui donne les chiens gratuitement – OUI, c’est pas si cher que ça d’adopter un petit chien qui pourrait faire du bien et aider à mieux circuler dans Paris.

Nous avons pu faire le test pour voir comme c’est formidable d’avoir son guide, son ami, qui t’amène là où il faut pour la récompense des croquettes, d’un bon carnet de santé, et de beaucoup d’amour.

Ils recherchent des familles d’accueil qui pourraient accueillir un chiot lors de son éducation (1ère année) et qui pourraient possiblement prendre les chiens retraités, parce qu’eux aussi ont besoin du repos 🙂

Vous souhaitez devenir famille d’accueil: réunion d’information à 10h
le dernier samedi de chaque mois (sauf en décembre).
(105 Av de St Maurice, 75 012 PARIS)

Pour en savoir plus sur la famille d’accueil
Calendrier des réunions d’information

Vous pouvez vous inscrire par mail ou par téléphone : 01 43 65 64 67.

Dixie (soeur de Dasty), Labrador noire, a donné naissance à 6 chiots croisés Golden retriever: 5 mâles (2 noirs et 3 sables) et 1 femelle sable le 16 avril 2010.

LETTRE OUVERTE à chacun des donateurs de l’école de Paris- (cliquer ici)

Musique: Elvis “Walk a Mile in my Shoes”

My little personal message to Steve Jobs

I nearly had an org heart attack watching the new video presenting the iPhone 4G because, well, I’ve been needing wanting it to come to France for awhile now….

Avert your eyes if you are cannot handle it


I thought they threw these out 5 years ago

Steve Jobs, as of June 24th you are my man.

Sorry Greg ;p


I may have found a solution.

Osmanyness (a French blogger I just met this week that is going to have to copyright the suffix “-ness” soon — his birthday hashtag was “oh my birthdayness” :D) – is holding a contest for his blog where you can win his white iPhone…

Now, I know I’ve been holding out for opening a bank account here in Paris and getting the iPhone 4, but I hear rumors circulating of a 4G…and could REALLY see me breaking in an iPhone 3G (that’s FREE) in the meantime…


#Monitoring chat

Hey all, this Thursday I’m going to be hosting a chat on Twitter with the hashtag #monitoring – what do you think?

There’s going to be a special guest who can talk about his agency’s experience and give insight into how they went about it

Hope you all can come and join in 🙂

In case you’re wondering why you haven’t heard more yet today from #msmbc10

A fire in Paddington knocked out loads of London phone/internet  connections  :/