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Sunday inspiration: Ira Glass on the Creative Process

A must-see video for anyone creating or thinking of creating something

Try, try, and keep trying. Keep creating.

“Do a huge volume of work. Put yourself on a deadline”


Happy Sunday 🙂


thanks Greg for the video

Meet Gabriel Hubert from Teleportd – the kickass photo search app Scoble calls “mindblowing”

Working for LeWeb, I realize I haven’t had a second to dedicate to my blog.. BUT I have been able to meet a number of amazing entrepreneurs that I want everyone and their brother to know (maybe their sister).

For LeWeb ’11 (if you haven’t heard of it, I find it hard to believe that you follow me on Twitter ;D), Silicon Valley Bank and Lepe Partners invited a few entrepreneurs to network and get the most out of the event. One of the funniest? Gabriel Hubert who submitted this video to get a ticket:

I had coffee with him yesterday and found out more about what his company, Teleportd, ACTUALLY does!

If you love to travel and always dreamed of teleporting (who hasn’t, really) – -this app is for you.

In a nutshell, it’s the “mind-blowing” photo app (dixit Robert Scoble) that pulls together public, geo-localized photos regardless of what photo app you used. Say, for example, you’re addicted to Instagram like it’s sugar-coated crack. That’s fine. But now you can see all of the photos people are taking around the White House whether they’re also addicted or whether they prefer Foursquare, Lockerz, or any of the other 13 services they pull photos in from in real time.

Agencies, media, and brands can all find something interesting here…

Check it out:

Gabriel is on Twitter as well as his co-founder, Stan.

Give Teleportd a try  – – it’s on the App Store – -and TODAY they will be pulling in photos from Loopcam, an app that let’s you create your own GIFs. Yes. GIFs!!!!!!! It’s…addicting to say the least

Bad Lip Reading and Khyan : 2 awesome YouTube channels to check out…now

I have to say I have only a few YouTube channels that I watch on a regular basis (yeah TV doesn’t count any more), but seriously give these 2 a look if that’s your thing :


A dude with one of the coolest accents that makes me laugh every time. One of the first videos I saw from him that had me super laughing was :

but I would recommend checking out more

Another channel just discovered tonight, in which Michelle Bachmann apparently says “I bring milk, not backyard meth… it’s a prison party”. You know it’s a good time, thanks to a little misunderstanding. Oops. :

Bad Lip Reading:

Happy Friday, new video on Monday 😉

Gerard Depardieu : “Of course [it overflowed] I’m an elephant”

Quote of the day.

You’re awesome, Gerard.

Now I’m just waiting for the remix of this. — Eat your way through Paris! Or any city!

If you haven’t subscribed to the blog Springwise Trendwatching, do that first. Next, discover Spoontrip, one of their latest recommendations :

Spoontrip supplies travelers with local links worldwide, using gastronomy as an entry point into a culture. Offers are added and managed on the site by the providers themselves. These passionate professionals are proud of their products and eager to provide travelers with a unique experience.

Naturally, I typed Paris and found a TON of really cool suggestions – like a cooking class for making Whoopie Pies!!!

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Only in NYC (& Day 1 at the #140Conf ;) )

This week has been great visiting New York City.


Unfortunately, I missed the morning of the #140Conf and some apparent “French-bashing”, but the afternoon was really great! I’m speaking this morning at 9:50 and you can catch the live stream here :

One of my faaavorite was Monte Farber, a psychic that particularly answers questions about stock questions on Twitter in less than 140 characters. As the official #140Conf psychic, he also declared that :

Facebook will last longer than Google.

the end of the world in 2012 is “the creation of crazy white men”

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Gucci Gucci Aldi

For some reason I’m intrigued by this video. I didn’t say I like it. I said I am intrigued.

Apparently she’s signed a million dollar contract

I also randomly wanted to share’s 6pm.

A la tienne, dear

Happy Thursday 🙂

–>Facebook <–

Wednesday dance break – the TWINS

For those of you that don’t know them, I’m sorry for you. And for those of you that do, I hope you’re already standing up and ready to break it down with the magical dance duo that will make you WIIIIISH you had hips that could move so good all while drinking a vanilla smoothie.

The Twins are what you get when you cross dance and awesome and split it in two

Here they take on Lil’O & Tyger B from the U.S. (the Twins are from France – yeeaaah — although actually they have been in the U.S. They were on Ellen.)

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Music of the day : Lala Joy

Videos will be back in February, but in the meantime a French singer taking on an American song by Bruno Mars. Personally, I’m just wondering how long til she’s taking on Katy Perry.

Lala Joy :

Day in the life : TEDx Paris

Hello !!!!!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been active on a Friday (since before the holiday coma, in any case), and I also know that I’m still taking a couple of weeks off from video blogging (but will be happily back in February 🙂 ) and I ALSO know that

tomorrow is..I mean, today is

TEDx Paris


I thought I’d share one of my newest TED favorites that I just discovered pre-DDay

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