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The sickest dub step ever [RAF Crew] and the Longboard Girl crew

Sent to me from a friend : some RAF Crew and Swaggers dancers

Happy Wednesday 😉

Show : “La Preuve Par 4” à l’Hotel de Ville de Paris au Préselection du Juste Debout 2010
Chregrapher: Marvin Gofin (R.A.F Crew)
Dancers: Marion Motin (Swaggers, Quality Street), Julie Moreau (Swaggers), Nicolas Medea (R.A.F Crew) et Marvin Gofin (R.A.F Crew)
Music by Raphaël Judrin aKa SoFly

I found them on Facebook (I think) here

Bonus : la chicas de Longboard Girls Crew


Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

Find them here :​longboardgc


Have an awesome week

Sunday Awesomeness : World’s First BMX Triple Backflip & a Custom Half Pipe

Jed Mildon is a New Zealand BMXer that’s only 24 and landed the world’s first Triple Backflip at the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam in Taupo, New Zealand.
Thanks Unit Riders.

And Jed? You. Kick. Ass.

Speaking of kicking ass…

How about a a custom half-pipe?

Kickass videos — Lil Buck, Yo-Yo Ma, and some human space flight

Just a couple of videos I saw recently that just screamed at me to share them (true story)

1. The best opening ceremony. Ever. In the world.

Ladies, if you’re planning a wedding and can’t think of how to liven it up all with keeping it original and within budget — just give this video to a cousin or something, tell him he’s got 6 weeks, and it’s go time.

If you’ve already seen it, I don’t apologize. It’s too good not to watch it at least a second time. For those of you that hadn’t seen it, share the love. Share the Yo Yo Ma Lil Buck sheer love

2. My passion that one day will be realized

Ever since I threw myself from an airplane in Brazil (and couldn’t consciously put my feet OUTSIDE of an airplane until my jump buddy pushed them for me, I can’t wait to go again

This video from the Melbourne Skydive Centre just highlights how peaceful it can be..

Experience Human Flight from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Wednesday dance break – the TWINS

For those of you that don’t know them, I’m sorry for you. And for those of you that do, I hope you’re already standing up and ready to break it down with the magical dance duo that will make you WIIIIISH you had hips that could move so good all while drinking a vanilla smoothie.

The Twins are what you get when you cross dance and awesome and split it in two

Here they take on Lil’O & Tyger B from the U.S. (the Twins are from France – yeeaaah — although actually they have been in the U.S. They were on Ellen.)

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You can’t BMX the sh** out of it without getting a couple of bruises. And then you will BMX the sh** out of it

Thanks to Alex (you didn’t leave a backlink ! :/ )  for this video of Dave Thompson BMX-ing. It was initially published as a teaser for a DVD, but I have to say I like that they include the beginning part — bruises, cuts, and all. When I first clicked play I thought it was going to be a wipe-out video, but after discovering what it really is, you have to appreciate the fact that you can’t jump over railings, propel off walls, and jump through doorways (best moment : 4:18) without falling down..many, many, many many many times.


It’s only a matter of time before Redbull sponsors this guy. There. I’ve said it.
Props to Dave Thompson. And the guy filming him 😉

The best parkour ever in your life. Ever.

After seeing this video I’ve decided there’s a part of me that’s missing on my blog, and it’s my absolute flat-out die-hard love for extreme sports and how badly I want to basejump off the Chrystler building and go kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic and organize events for Redbull around the most kickass athletes ever.

In the meantime and until I have the money to do so, a new category for my blog to share this love : the kickass video section.

Today’s video : Eight minutes of pure ***mouth wide open and drooling*** Enjoy 🙂