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When you’re stuck in the airport with nothing to do…

Social media is your absolute best friend. Seriously, what did people do before Wifi was bountiful — talk with each other?? Oh heavens.

I considered hosting a “Gaga fest” in the waiting area or a limbo contest or both, but unfortunately I left my limbo stick at home and don’t have enough hairspray to make my air nearly as laquered as Gaga’s.

Thankfully, some kickass people sent me things to help me pass the time, and seeing as it will probably be Saturday and you may also have nothing to do, I thought I’d share

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Let’s be real

A somewhat rambling, but completely genuine  post

Meet my dog Ziggy

I’ve been takin a break for a while, getting used to the new year, and settling down in my skin, when I fell in love. With my brother’s girlfriend’s dog Taz.

Fastforward 1 week: We’re driving back to my brother’s home with Ziggy, my new best friend. So as a bit of a teasing for the next couple of videos I’m going to put up, here are some photos from here latest Diet Dr. Pepper shoot: